An interview with Sujana founder of Enrik Tech

Enriktech is a blog for all age which includes artworks, tastiest recipes of veg and non-veg dishes, the beauty of the Tamil language, resources importantly include solved question paper set for cracking bank exams, IT jobs and some more interesting facts. The best part which I loved in her blog is Tamil novels, short stories, poems, Thirukkural Tamil and English version with meaning. Her love for the Tamil language and tradition is clearly shown through her posts. Overall a very interesting blog to share with friends and family. And Sujana is such a sweet person who happily agreed to answer my questions and the answer to the questions shows her dedication and passion towards her work.

Here goes my list of questions

Personal questions

  1. Tell us about yourself and your online portals

Hi friends, I’m Sujana Andrews, a Computer Engineer by profession, a homemaker by choice and forever a creative blogger by passion. Having worked as an Information Technology Officer in a leading PSU bank currently, I’m a stay at home mom, enjoying happiness in the chaotic craziness of life, thanks to my two sons. My husband is a mechanical engineer and he supports me in all my creative ventures. I am the creator and administrator of, an online portal which mainly emphasizes on creativity that includes art, craft, cookery, knowledge base and creative writing (Tamil). Initially, this site which served as a logbook of my day to day activities for self -reference purpose, eventually evolved by itself into growing database of interesting stuff, liked by many.

  1. Who and what inspired you to do what you are doing now?

Right from childhood, I had an innate passion towards creativity, be it arts, craft , cooking or anything that would give you a sense of accomplishment. Thanks to my ever encouraging parents, I could explore and experiment my hobbies without hurdles. Employment subsequently followed by marriage,  forced me to distance myself away from my passion. After kids, I quit my job due to personal reasons and got totally engrossed in raising them. Despite my hectic homemaker routine, I badly wanted to spare some quality time exclusively for myself to satisfy my inner-self. Also I always had this urge to create an unique identity for myself, whether I have a job in hand or not. That’s when I started doing digital paintings, quilling, glass paintings-and even exhibited them in a local art shop. I started posting my works on social media.

The encouragement I received from friends, family members and relatives, acted as a catalyst in boosting my self-confidence, to start blogging. Initially, I started a blog to showcase my art /crafts, cookery and also to guide competitive exam aspirants, with whatever experience I had while preparing for Banking and other competitive exams. Gradually I created tech blogs, craft blogs, Tamil poetry blogs and finally ended up in a separate cookery blog. During my childhood days, I used to admire the way in which my Mom loved to experiment a lot of new recipes, be it the main course, side dish desserts or beverages. I used to be her little helper during the preparation process. She is undoubtedly my inspiration in cooking. Myself being a foodie, married to a food lover, we as a couple love to try out a variety of recipes and that helped my blog grow. 🙂 Traffic to the cookery blog started growing slowly and steadily and that gave me a sense of excitement and drive to do more.

At this point of time, an idea to integrate all these various blogs under a single website popped up and that was the beginning of

  1. How do you balance work and family demands?

Answering this question is equally tough, as the actual balancing act :). People may presume that being a stay at home mom, is very easy and relaxing, but in reality, it is the toughest job which demands 24 hours on-call service. Sometimes it is really difficult to maintain your sanity, to keep calm and sail on, especially with little kids around. My elder one is 8 years old and the younger one is 3 now. Even though both require my attention in their own way, my younger one is more demanding and mischievous and I have to keep an eye on him all the time. I even took a break from blogging for a year and more after his birth. Once I restarted, I set a target to create posts on a daily basis. Though I don’t have a specific work pattern, I try to prepare content like food photography, noting down recipes, editing stuff during the daytime, whenever I manage to get a break in between my day’s routine. I do all my writing process in the night time after my little ones go to bed. Since you don’t have an external factor to set goals and deadlines for you, you have to be self-driven and jump into action with perseverance and without procrastination, if you are a stay at home mom. And I really salute the people who work full time, be creative, while balancing their family life!

  1. What are your plans to take your dream to the next level?

 I know that I have to go a long way from where I’m right now and it needs a lot of hard work and time. My target is to reach 1000 posts on my blog within a year. I am definitely aware that this is a  tough task, but they say “aim the sky, you’ll reach the tree top”. Also recently after becoming a part of a food blogging community and food photography, I have got a strong desire has to learn food photography and improve my skills. A well-explained recipe with perfect food photograph and an explanatory video brings in a lot of new followers to your portal. I plan to add video recipes soon and take it to the next level. Let’s see

  1. What is your best advice for handling criticism?

Criticism is one thing which has to be handled with utmost care. My personal opinion is that, once we enter into a public forum, we should be open to any sort of criticism be it positive or negative. Not only to blogging, this applies to any experimentation act in life, that involves the public audience. Don’t be overjoyed when there is a positive praise for your work, as this would slowly make you sluggish, once you start to believe that you are flawless and perfect. Instead, save the appreciation in your morale boost box, consume it when you feel really low, and gear up to do more. Similarly, don’t get knocked down by negative criticism and get demotivated.

If it’s a constructive negative criticism, be open to accept it and save it in your morale shape up the toolbox and use it yo chisel out your flaws and work towards betterment. On the other hand, if you genuinely feel that some criticisms are purposefully intended to hurt you, move it to the trash box in your brain and delete it permanently. That’s it. Never lose your individuality, self-confidence and keep moving on. Never give up! You are more capable than what you think of yourself!

  1. Give your top 4 food blogs that inspire you the most.

Several blogs and even individuals who don’t even own a blog have been my source of inspiration. I try to learn from each and everyone around me. At a stage when I had the desire to do something but had no idea of what to do, I joined Penmai forum, where I got inspired by a lot of cookery recipes. Home cooking(vlog), Sharmispassion, happyandharried, Raks Kitchen, cookclickndevour, yummytummyaarthi. Now after joining food blogging and food photography community, I marvel at a lot of bloggers and their extraordinary culinary and photographic skills.

  1. What are your greatest achievements outside of blogging?

I really doubt whether I have achieved anything great. But then,  “I’ll never sit idle, instead, I’ll keep on trying something to carve a small space for myself, in this vast world with plenty of opportunities”, this is what I keep reiterating to myself, no matter what, whether I have achieved something or not. 🙂

Other than blogging, I do creative writing in Tamil. I have written two novels, few short stories and many poems. One of my novels has been published in Amazon store as Kindle edition and as an ebook in My poems have won prizes in many online competitions, which I felt like a bit of worth mentioning here. Though not achievements, Jewelry making, China painting, Digital painting, Glass painting are my other hobbies.

Above all, being the mom of two super active kids is what I look upon as a great achievement.  🙂

  1. Out of all the methods of cooking, which is your personal favourite.

Cooking itself is my favourite and I love all forms and methods of cooking. Authentic South Indian cuisine is my personal favourite. Apart from this, grilling is a method of cooking that I love. Though I do baking now, I always wish I could bake exotic cakes.

  1. Tell us about an instance when you surprised your family with a really well turned out dish.

Once on my hubby’s birthday, I wanted to surprise him, and so I cooked a lot of his favourite recipes. Also, I tried baking a rainbow cake for the first time and was very sceptical whether it would turn out as expected. Fortunately, all the dishes and especially the rainbow cake came out perfectly well and I could set the table before he returned home from the office. I had invited few close friends too without his knowledge. That was one instance which gave me a lot of happiness when everyone enjoyed the food and poured in their appreciations.

Tips for newbies

  1. What are the blogging tools (hosting/platform/seo plugins) currently you are using? is a WordPress site, hosted in Bluehost, domain provided by Godaddy The SEO plugin used by me is Yoast SEO plugin. Also, I use google analytics to fix errors and optimize my site from time to time. Besides this Canva, Lightroom, Snapseed, PhotoImpact are few other tools used by for photo editing and processing.

I use social media sites to post updates on my blog.

Facebook page:

Instagram: sujana_enriktech

Recently I have started a Pinterest page:

Your view about achikaimarunthu and tips for improvement.

In my opinion, Achikaimarunthu is a wonderful blog with an excellent concept to help new mommies handle the toughest phase of motherhood, right from pregnancy to baby care, with ease.

The special feature that I admire the most in your blog, is that it built upon a great theme of “Save our tradition”. I loved this a lot!

As you have mentioned in your blog, even Westerners have started to embrace our traditional and natural ways of cures, while we take these awesome treasures for granted and ignore them. Kudos to you for collecting data in this regard and updating it on a regular basis.

The baby recipes, healing tips, diet plans during pregnancy posted here are very informative and indigenous and I would definitely recommend this blog to moms to be/ new moms.

Please do keep posting on a regular basis with lot more relevant information, tips and traditional baby recipes and keep on pursuing your noble cause to save our tradition.

Last but not least, Thank you so much for choosing me for this interview session. I’m sure there are so many expert bloggers around us, but I wonder and feel happy at the same time, about your choice of picking me. It is a different experience for me as this process evoked a lot of good memories in me and I had the chance to revisit my blogging journey.

Thanks again and wishing you all the very best!

Thank u Sujana for taking my interview so seriously and answers are clear cut..:)

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