Tips for normal delivery

Hello mommies ! Here are some tips for normal delivery which i followed during my pregnancy and i am happy to share it with u all.

Tips for normal delivery

1. Have proper diet(Click here to read

2. Know about the importance of nutrition during pregnancy(Click here to read)

3.Physical Activity :

  • Get moving because physical activity is good for u and baby.
  • I used to walk for 30 mins daily which I followed regularly from my 4th month of pregnancy.Initially, it was hard but gradually I was used to it.
  • I used to do all household chores.


  1. Do not lift/move heavy objects.Maximum weight u can lift is the weight of a pressure cooker.
  2. Do not strain yourself while doing household chores.

4. Drink extra fluids

  • Drink 3litres of water/day.To make sure that I am drinking enough water I used to carry a 1-litre water bottle where ever I go.So that each time I drink water I used to mark my target.
  • I used to feel uncomfortable drinking water, so I replaced it with other fluids like juices and coconut water(helps to maintain water intake).
  • Eat watery fruits(Watermelon )and vegetables(Cucumber).

5. Kashayam during pregnancy (Grandma’s touch)

Note: This kashayam should be taken after the 7th month of pregnancy every night before going to bed until delivery.

Ingredients : (you can get these roots in nattu marunthu stores )

  • Kurunthottiveru root
  • Saranaveru root

Method :

  • Wash few stems of both kurunthottiveru and saranaveru.
  • Take 2 tumblers of water and boil it with both the veru.
  • Wait until the water reduces to one tumbler.
  • Now filter the water and allow it to cool.
  • Drink the cooled water regularly after 7 months before going to bed.


  • Reduces swelling of legs.
  • Removes unwanted liquids from the body in the form of urine.

6. Paal kanji (Milk Porridge )-click for Recipe

7. Get enough sleep(7-9 hours).

  • Sleep on your side mostly left side as it increases blood flow to your body.
  • Still, you can change sides while sleeping but while changing sides first sit and then change.
  • Do not sleep on your back.
  • Sleeping on your back during first-trimester won’t be an issue but still, if u practice sleeping on your sides from the first trimester it will be easy further.

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